Social Impact

Investment in critical healthcare infrastructure with a significant
economic and social impact

Importance of the Healthcare Sector

in our Society.

Acceleration of the Aging of the European Population

Number and percentage of population +65 and +80 years old in Europe


92.079.878 20.6%
26.605.968 5.9%


108.519.888 24.2%
32.214.409 7.2%


123.144.517 27.6%
41.077.152 9.2%


130.164.174 29.5%
49.929.987 11.3%

+65 years

+80 years

Source: Eurostat

  • The aging population will require a significant increase in investment in healthcare and dependency.
  • An important part of this investment will be allocated to strategic medical infrastructure 

Increase in investment in healthcare as a percentage of European GDP

Health care spending as
percentage of GDP in Europe (%)







Source: OECD

  • Healthcare is set to become a strategic sector for society and a focus for future investment.
  • Sector that generates welfare and wealth for society due to its capacity to generate quality, stable employment that cannot be relocated.


Since its foundation, Healthcare Activos has had the vocation to be a benchmark player in a developing sector. Commitment runs in our DNA; commitment to build a solid, socially and environmentally responsible sector that generates value for the community. Thus, we not only apply internal policies aligned with these principles, but rather we forge long-term partnerships with operators and suppliers who share our same values.

Jorge Guarner

Founder and Executive Chairman

Social impact

of Healthcare Activos.

Private leadership is essential for the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On this premise Healthcare Activos has adopted them as the axis for the development of its general business policy and, in particular, of its ESG actions. For this reason, since September 2020 we have joined the United Nations Global Compact.

Healthcare Activos’s commitment to sustainability extends on to investment strategy and asset management, and we have reinforced this through our adherence to the UN-backed PRINCIPLES FOR RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT (PRI), thereby joining a global community of companies and institutions working towards a long term economically efficient and sustainable global financial system.

Reinforcing the idea of socially and environmentally sustainable investment, from 2021 at Healthcare Activos we have set out to provide all our new developments with the BREEAM certificate, which guarantees greater well-being for users and a lower impact on the environment.


Our environmental commitment is reflected both in the analysis and evaluation of investments and in the responsible management of our assets. We apply energy efficiency, water saving and recycling policies so that our buildings contribute to creating more sustainable cities.


We specialize in the health and dependency sector because we want our work to have a direct positive impact on the well-being of individuals and their communities. Our business strategy is geared towards creating value for employees, shareholders, operators and suppliers.


The business management of Healthcare Activos is governed by criteria of transparency, honesty and professionalism, promoting high ethical standards and compliance. We want to share and disseminate our vision of the sector, which is why we actively participate in forums and alliances related to innovation and quality in the care of people.